Dekho - Kudi Ne te Akheer He Karti ( Watch & Shear Video )
Dekho - Kudi Ne te Akheer He Karti ( Watch & Shear Video )

. You Never see This type Girl before

in this video clip you can watch a very good video clip . this video clip is very amazing .Belly dancing is an art of dancing which was said to be invented in or around 1960. The true origin of this art is unknown. However, it has evolved a lot since the 1960’s. One woman named Helena Vlahos, a belly dancing artist gained world wide recognition for her ability to perform a 9 coin trick using belly dancing technique. The exact trick and record can be seen in this clip where the artist flips some coins up and down her stomach. She managed to do this with 9 coins at one time and that record has not been matched or beaten since. This requires great skill and patience as she has to remain calm and use her muscles appropriately.thanks for watching this video clip .

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